Review: My Wicked Gladiators by Lauren Hawkeye

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Title: My Wicked Gladiators
Author: Lauren Hawkeye
Release Date: June 5, 2012
Pages: 201 (ebook)
Genre: Erotic Historical Romance
Source: Edelweiss
Publisher: Avon Red
Rating: C+
Reviewed by: Marq

Favorite quote: “Why should I feel guilt over taking something that I desired, finally taking something that I desired? Did my husband not do the same every day of his life?”

summary from Goodreads
Alba has spent her entire life pleasing others.

As an upper-class plebeian woman in Ancient Rome, that is her place in life. But when her husband Lucius, the owner of aprestigious gladiatorial school, uses her body as a bargaining tool to increase his fortunes, she is faced with doing as he demands, or finding herself on the street.

Forced to lay with masked gladiators chosen by Lucius, Alba is surprised to discover pleasure in being powerless. Only in the forbidden arms of Caius and Marcus does she find comfort, however temporary it may be.

But with Lucius’ demands looming and the threat of death for her gladiators ever-present, will Alba’s fleeting pleasures be enough? Or will Alba finally grab hold of her happily ever after, no matter the consequences?

Marq’s thoughts:
My Wicked Gladiators is a sexy and sensual read. Told from Alba’s point of view, you are experiencing her journey from neglected wife to a strong, sexual woman who wants more than what her marriage is offering.

Alba is in a emotionless and sexless marriage. She knows that her husband, Lucius, satisfies his sexual appetites with the slaves instead of her. It is expected that she do the same but Alba can’t imagine having sex with a slave except for a certain gladiator, Marcus. In a moment of weakness, Alba gives into her desires and wants more. But her appetite for Marcus is derailed when Lucius, trying to broker a deal with a prominent man, mates Alba with one of his gladiators. Alba is horrified at the decision her husband has made but when she experiences Caius’s first touch, she can’t help but want more.

Have a fan nearby because this book is smoking hot. Alba is a woman who is conflicted about her wants and needs. She wants to be the dutiful wife but thanks to her neglectful and greedy human, she slowly comes to the realization that she should be selfish, and do what she wants. She is attracted equally to Marcus and Caius and wants them both – separate and together. The story takes place in Ancient Rome so there is an abundance of sexual freedom; male-male, female-female, male-male-female. Even though there are plenty of sex scenes with Alba/Marcus or Alba/Caius, I would say the hottest of all the sexing was the male-male. I wish there was more!

The majority of the story was engaging and entertaining. Some parts dragged and a couple of times, I wanted to get out of Alba’s head. I wanted to know more about Marcus and Caius. I loved the journey that Alba took. She became the master of her destiny and I think Lucius got what he deserved. He was a horrible husband from beginning to end.

There aren’t many erotic historical romances that take place in Ancient Rome so if you’re looking for something different, yet sexy, I recommend this book.

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